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Make Third-Party Motor and Medical Insurance Claims Processing Digital and Time-efficient

Prompt and accurate claims settlement is what cements the relationship between the insurer and the insured, and a TPA plays a vital role in strengthening this relationship. Having a core solution to manage TPA operations offers economies of scale, increased automation of services, and centralisation of data, leading to faster approval processes and improved customer service. It also protects insurers against fraudulent claims, the incidence of which is one of the highest in motor and medical insurance portfolios.

Beyontec Suite for TPAs is an integrated solution that enables TPAs to significantly cut motor and medical claims processing time from days to few hours.

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Product Highlights

Beyontec Suite for TPAs meets most of the TPA process needs out of the box. The workflow features, automated business rules and smart indexing of files, documents, and images allow TPAs to be more efficient and responsive to its customer.

Cloud Based Solutions

Keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is highly secure and scalable.

Workflow Driven Solutions

A future-ready, workflow-driven insurance system with the ability to create and manage business processes and work queues dynamically, ensuring SLA adherence.

Portal Driven Solutions

Establish an online presence to extend business activities on the web and serve more customers by interconnecting policyholders, brokers, surveyors, garages and all other business partners.

Paperless Processing

Communicate with the customers digitally, in real-time, by sharing with them the digital copies of the documents. Cut down on the usage of paper, make everything completely transparent and accessible.

API Integration

The pre-built APIs streamline automation across external systems used by TPAs for real-time processing of claims and settlements.

Business Rule Engine

The intuitive business rules engine of the suite allows insurer to configure both simple and complex rules definition using business-like terms for specific business needs and to meet regulatory norms.

Surveyor Portal

Online portal for surveyors improves efficiency, minimises inaccuracies and omissions, and saves time on gathering details upfront to complete the survey findings.

Online Garage Management

Real-time access to the garages network for processing repair-specific tenders, quotations, and to award contract, monitor repair and final settlement of repairs.

Real-time Tender Processing

Empowers garages to integrate and instantly submit quotes and accept work orders from the TPA in real-time, cutting down the manual processes, paperwork and time.

Spare Parts Management

Get real-time data on spare parts inventory and their pricing for more accurate estimation, quoting and billing.

Integration to Multiple Insurance Companies

The pre-built mandatory integrations/API’s streamline automation across external systems used by Insurers for real-time approval of claims and settlements.

Claims Fraud Preventions and Detection

The data driven analytics, workflows and rules engine feature of the suite is a reliable and effective way to protect your business from claims fraud leakages.

Service Provider Portal

Beyontec Suite facilitates secured access for all service providers, online to access policy details, pre-auth status, claim requests and reimbursements.

Provider Price List Management

The suite enables TPAs to maintain up-to-date records of prices for product and services, for more accurate estimation, quoting and billing.

Claims Auto Adjudication

Supports auto adjudication, pre-approvals and end-to-end claims management, as well as limit tracking at several levels including plan, benefit, sub-benefit, treatment, etc.

Unlock the Beyontec Suite advantage to digitally transform your TPA operations.

Modules of Beyontec Suite