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Gain Control and Mitigate Risks in Composite Insurance Functions

Composite insurers offering a full range of insurance products (General, Medical and Life) are embracing digital to deliver experience-led engagements, and beat competition. By predicting customer behaviour, identifying their preferences and offering the right product at the right price at the right time, providers can meet the customer demands and expectations and improve service levels.

But to do this, Composite Insurers need to have a robust core system that addresses all their operational and business needs out of the box, with the capability to accommodate any market changes in quick time.

Product Highlights

Beyontec Suite for Composite Insurance is a comprehensive, and highly configurable core solution that can improve time to quote, increase automation and significantly increase direct written premiums.

End-to-End Solutions

Beyontec Suite addresses majority of the Composite Insurance business requirements with a comprehensive set of solutions that include pre-configured products, cloud infrastructure, portals, and accelerator tools.

Cloud Based Solutions

Keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is highly secure and scalable.

Customer 360 View

The suite comes with all the modules tightly coupled and integrated, to provide a single view of each policy holder, including personal details, policy premiums, dues, claims details, and receipts.

Portal Driven Solutions

Establish an online presence to extend business activities and serve more customers by interconnecting policyholders, brokers, surveyors, garages and all other business partners.

Workflow Driven Solutions

A future-ready, workflow-driven insurance system with the ability to create and manage business processes and work queues dynamically, ensuring SLA adherence.

Pre-configured Products

The suite comes with 60+ pre-configured products for General, Medical and Life Insurance business, making it easy to launch new products and modify existing products to market needs.

Automated Rating Engine

The comprehensive rating engine of the suite allows insurers to configure their own ratings across all personal and commercial lines to arrive at the best premium rates.

Business Rule Engine

The intuitive business rules engine of the suite allows insurers to configure both simple and complex rules definition using business-like terms for specific business needs and to meet regulatory norms.

In-built Document Management System

Store all insured related documents in a centralised online repository, while significantly reducing call times between policy handlers and claim handlers, with instant access to related information.

Customer Centric Solutions

By integrating and streamlining processes, the suite provides a single view of each policyholder, including personal details, policy premiums, dues, claims details, and receipts.

Cross Sell and Up Sell Engine

A customer-centric approach allows insurers to sell additional products to the customer with minimum level of underwriting and marketing.

Claims Fraud Preventions and Detection

The data driven analytics, workflows and rules engine features of the suite is a reliable and effective way to protect your business from claims fraud leakages.


Enables the process of having the documents digitally signed by both the signatory and customer automatically, to become a paperless organization.

Effective Risk Management

Accurately assess the risk potential, risk accumulation and then estimate the appropriate premium for a given risk, based on a variety of pre-defined parameters.

Unlock the Beyontec Suite advantage to digitally transform your Composite Insurance operations.

Modules of Beyontec Suite