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Beyontec Suite provides extensive notes and diary functionality for tracking history, comments, action items, and other important information for the life cycles of policies and claims. Automatically generated diaries triggered by user or system events may be configured along with the follow-up actions and dates.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support the business, the way you want to, giving you the independence and freedom needed to run the business . The in-built features enable you to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

Communication with All Stakeholders
Communication with All Stakeholders

Communication with All Stakeholders

The notes and diary function can be associated with any transaction in the system and can be assigned to specific users or user groups, based on the business rules defined.
Workbaskets for Notes & Diary
Workbaskets for Notes & Diary

Workbaskets for
Notes & Diary

The suite maintains workbaskets separately for notes and diaries. Users can instantly access the relevant case, specific area or section from where that diary or notes event was created, saving valuable time.
Response Tracking & SLA Maintenance
Response Tracking & SLA Maintenance

Response Tracking & SLA Maintenance

The module allows users to assign SLAs for responses or auto-schedule standard responses as per the business rules.
Rule-based Automated Notes & Diary
Rule-based Automated Notes & Diary

Rule Based Automated Notes & Diary

Depending on pre-defined business rules, it will automatically add a task or diary note subject to your workflow.

Transaction based Communication

Transaction-based automated storing and filing of notes and diaries are possible, that are tamper-proof and fully secure.

User-based Control

The notes are imprinted into the system records and only authorised users can view the notes or diaries based on pre-defined user access rights.

Follow-up & Reminder Alerts

Tasks with reminders can be configured to automatically alert the user as per the defined conditions. These alerts can be one-off reminders or recurring alerts.

Setup both Internal or External Users

The diary can also be set up for internal teams and sub-teams, or for external users with authentication and validations so that they see only what they are authorised to look at.

Document Attachment

Supporting documents can be attached to notes in compliance with regulations and to ensure end-to-end documentation of tasks or actions.

Calendar View

Individual users have a calendar view of all actions and alerts, allowing them to plan for subsequent activities based on upcoming alerts.

Compliance Management

The notes & diary function is fully compliant with the insurance regulations and audit requirements and ensures proper records’ maintenance at all times.

Notes & Diary Reports

The Notes and Diary module helps keep track of the entire policy and claims history. It also sets follow-ups, shows existing notes and diaries with the newest at the top along with the subject, the originator, and the follow-up dates.

Security & History Maintenance

All actions using the notes & diary function is recorded for tractability and compliance. All associated communications and supporting documents related to a change or action is mapped and stored for easy retrieval.

Automate record keeping for easy retrieval, traceability and compliance.

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