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In a hypercompetitive business environment, data analytics and business intelligence are an essential part of any business enterprise. Becoming a data-driven company is a fundamental need for digital transformation that insurance companies must pivot to in this new digital economy. The scale and diversity of data that is generated from multiple touch points within the organisation provide rich business insights that let insurers predict market changes and customers behaviours.

Establish an enterprise-level technology foundation for data transformation with Beyontec Suite business intelligence module. It provides easy-to-use highly configurable tools that support the full analytical workflow including data preparation and insight generation.

Module Highlights

Each feature of the module provides the specific functionality needed to support the business, the way you want to, giving you the independence and freedom needed to run the business . The in-built features enable you to adapt to market trends and requirements with greater speed and agility.

Cloud Based Solutions
Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

Keep up with shifting business trends with a core solution that is highly secure and scalable.
Role Based Real-time Dashboards
Role Based Real-time Dashboards

Role Based Real-time Dashboards

The dashboards are defined and authorised based on the user roles. The dashboards provide the real time data for perfect analysis.
KPIs & Performance Management
KPIs & Performance Management

KPIs & Performance Management

The dashboard provides analysis on the periodic performance of respective teams alongside their defined KPI.
Predefined & Configurable Dashboards
Predefined & Configurable Dashboards

Predefined Dashboards

Beyontec Suite comes up with pre-configured dashboards. Additional charts and reports can be configured by the business users at any given point of time.

Customer Performance and Analysis

The dashboard provides in-depth analysis of the customer’s activity with the business, and can analyse their behaviour trends across each line of business.

Product Performance

The dashboard provides the performance of each product made available in the market. The product performance can be generated based on multiple parameters, for better understanding of product success.

Claims Analysis including Loss Ratio

The dashboard provides claim analysis across products and the loss ratio for each product. The analysis can be generated based on multiple parameters.

Multiple Channel Performance

The dashboard provides the option to know the performance of multiple channels such as broker, agents, etc..., on premium generated or claims settled. The channels can be filtered using multiple parameters.

What-if Analysis

The dashboard provides the option to specify different criteria and perform a what-if analysis to check on likely outcomes for better decision making.

Drill-down Capabilities

The dashboard provides the option to drill down up to the transaction level for certain dashboards. This can be configured while defining the dashboard. The drill down values can be downloaded by the authorised users.

Out-of-the-box Solutions

Beyontec suite provides the key performance dashboards needed across business units as an out-of-box solution feature.

Risk Evaluation and Policy management

The dashboard provides the option to evaluate the risks of policies across multiple business lines. The dashboard also provides the option through what-if-analysis to take necessary actions in business.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Beyontec Suite supports multi-device compatibility. The application is compatible with systems running in Android and iOS.

Budget/Target Analysis

The dashboard provides analysis on the budget defined and variance in the budget for both income and expenses. Targets defined across each business line is also monitored through dashboards to estimate targets against actuals.

Make informed business decisions using data-driven business intelligence, with Beyontec Suite BI.

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