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Manual reports and analytics are prone to errors and end up providing fragmented information that does not benefit the corporate decision-making process. You need the ability to collate information from different and relevant data sources, to deliver quicker insights, in concurrence with the board room and authority’s reporting requirements. Insurers can leverage information from data-driven intelligent financial reporting to save on time, meet compliance and satisfy the executive dashboard reporting needs.

automated financial analytical tools for insurance companies

Product Highlights

Beyontec Financial Analytical Accelerator helps insurance companies convert their financial data into highly configurable and actionable reports as required by the regulators and board room.

Pre-configure and Automated Reporting

  • The tool comes with pre-configured reports to represent the financial data in the desired format. The tool also has options to configure dynamic reports just once and re-use them periodically.

Cloud Based Solutions

  • The financial analytical tool is available on the cloud and can be accessed through a web browser that is highly secure and scalable.

Integration with most Core Solutions

  • The low-code accelerator tool comes with pre-built APIs making it easy to plug in to any core system.

Configurable Dynamic Reporting

Configure once and re-use financial reports for different audiences using the highly configurable feature of the tool.

Drill Down Reporting

Make use of formula and equation functions to generate simple linear reports to cross tab reports for detailed drill down of the financial performance.

Stakeholder-based Reporting

Customise reports as required by the board room and stakeholders with data and graphical representations.

Financial and Operational Reporting

Organise the reports by groups or by business, to report the performance of a single business unit or the company.

Comparative Analysis

Run comparative analysis of the current year and previous year values for gaining a deeper insight into financial data and performance.

Multiple Output Formats

Export reports to desirable formats such as PDF or Excel formats that can be easily shared with recipients, with password protection security feature enabled.

Regulatory Reporting

Comply with standard regulatory reporting needs or specific ones as per the rules and timelines instituted, to avoid non-compliance.

Complex Reporting

The in-built highly configurable feature of the tool allows insurance companies to design and develop complex reporting with cross-references and formula calculations that deliver top-of-the-line financial analysis.

Summary and Detailed Reporting

The analytical tool will assist insurance companies prepare periodic review reports and reflect the business performance in accordance with the financial market indicators, including highlighting the data gaps related to any specific indicator.

Pre-configure your financial reports with Beyontec Financial Analytical Accelerator.

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