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By harnessing the power of digital technologies and the immense wealth of historical data, the insurance industry can become more efficient and profitable. As the custodian of the industry’s performance, the insurance association can use the immense intelligence hidden within data to regulate the industry functioning, introduce new regulations and frameworks and identify gaps in the system that can be corrected before it impacts the industry or any specific insurance company or business.

Using a centralised data platform, the insurance association can identify and mitigate risks inherent in operations.

Platform Highlights

The Beyontec Data Repository Platform is a centralised, secure cloud-based data warehouse of sharable insurance data and information, maintained by the insurance association. It provides real-time information exchange between all insurance companies for better underwriting decisions, managing claims and complying with KYC regulations.

Online Access to All Constituents

Centralised Platform

  • A centralised platform that can aggregate, classify, share and mine independent data for validation, data reporting and analysis.

o Real-Time Access to All Constituents

Real-time Validation of Data

  • The networked insurance companies can validate the data to make decisions during the underwriting and claims process.

SaaS Platform

Cloud Based Platform

  • As an on-demand platform it is easy to implement, highly secure and can be integrated with any core insurance system of insurers.

o End-to-End Digital Platform

Big Data Analytics Capabilities

  • While the standardisation allows inconsistencies to be removed from data inputs, by applying big data analytics and AI to the data, the platform can catch any abnormality in the data inputs and provide timely alerts.

Dedicated Data Repository for Insurance Industry

Accelerate data governance within the industry by offering a common data warehouse that provides a scalable, comprehensive and flexible framework for strategic and innovative data initiatives.

Direct Integration and Web-based Access

The platform comes with powerful data integration features where data obtained from disparate sources are transformed for analytical and validation purpose.

Cater to Multiple Validation Requirements

The centralised warehouse of data helps insurance companies to validate policy, customer or company related information in real-time.

Real-Time Response for Validation Requests

By integrating multiple systems using pre-built APIs, the platform enables users to access and validate information for better decision making. Data on existing claims, blacklisted clients, stolen or total loss vehicles and much more can be validated to reduce financial risks.

Match Percentage Analysis

The platform can perform match percentage analysis to show the results of a data query so that the user can pick the right data match for his need.

Multiple Integration Methods with Core Solutions

Using the library of integration tools and APIs the platform can integrate with any core system of insurers.

Secured Platform

The platform has many layers of security protocol in-built in it, with user-defined access rights to each data sources.

Quick and Accurate Results

The structured and unstructured data in the platform is classified and tagged with metadata for real-time and accurate search results.

Efficient Underwriting and Claims Process

Insurance companies can use the data to validate customer information both current and historical data to take more informed decisions on underwriting and claims processing.

Audit Trail and History Maintenance

Metadata tagged to data provides detailed audit and historical details about the data and databases. The metadata explains where the data source is, how it was captured, and what it represents.

Claims Repository

Get instant access to historical claims information that can aid in effective underwriting and claims processes.

Stolen/Total Loss Vehicle Repository

The platform can aggregate and store all information related to stolen or total loss vehicles making it easy for insurers to validate the vehicle details and prevent frauds associated with claims and renewals.

Blacklisted Clients Repository

The platform can store and archive details of blacklisted clients which is very useful for industry players to validate the customer information or any other regulatory need.

Reduce risk and get the data insights you need to run your business with Beyontec Data Repository platform.

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