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The existing practice of issuing paper sticker-based motor certificates is a cumbersome process for the insurance companies as it is manual and cost prohibitive. Moreover, with the printed certificate it is difficult for the traffic authority to instantly verify insurance validity and the entire system is open to fraudulent practices. Beyontec’s MDCP platform automates this entire process using digital technology.

Platform Highlights

The Beyontec Motor Digital Certificate Platform is a cloud-based solution that helps the insurance industry transition safely, from paper to motor digital certificates, to cut fraud, save time and related costs.

SaaS Platform

Cloud Based Platform

  • It is an easy to implement, highly secure platform that can be integrated with most core insurance system of insurers as well as the traffic authority, and the insurance associations and regulators.

o Real-Time Access to All Constituents

Real-Time Access to All Constituents

  • The traffic authority, insurance companies, insurance association, insurance regulator and the policyholder can access the digital certificate copy from anywhere, anytime 24/7.

o Real-Time Validation on Insurance Coverage

Real-Time Validation on Insurance Coverage

  • Allows traffic authority to validate the expiry of certificates in real-time and for assessing the vehicle insurance cover.

o End-to-End Digital Platform

End-to-End Digital Platform

  • The Motor Digital Certificate Platform is a fully automated platform that provides real-time motor certificate information to insurance association, traffic authority, insurance company and the policyholders.

No Waiting for New Certificates

With digital certificate issuance process, there is almost zero-waiting time for new digital certificate allotment and for issuance of new digital certificates by the insurance companies.

Supports Integration with All Core Systems

The pre-built connectors of the platform enable easy and seamless integration with any core system for faster go-to-market and saves on implementation costs too.

Automatic Certificate Number Generation

As soon as the policy is generated in the insurer’s core system, the platform automatically generates the new digital certificates with certificate number that can be issued by the insurer to the policyholder.

Internal Certificate Allocation at Multiple Levels

Insurance company can allocate digital certificates to the internal stakeholders - by department, branch, user type and user.

Dynamic and Real-Time Dashboards

The insurance association dashboard will feature all the insurance companies registered with the regulator. It can track real-time information on the number of allocated and available certificates, by insurers.

Secured Access

Platform has powerful authentication tools and microservices, and comes with multiple levels of firewalls with data encryption and SSL protection for web use.

Mobile App for Insured

Insureds can view and download the digital certificate using the mobile app. The app is available at both iOS and Android platforms.

Revoke Certificate

Insurance companies can search certificate details by insured name, certificate number and revoke any certificate. Provide real-time revoke notification to insured and other constituents.

QR Code-based Certificate Validation

Using the mobile app, the traffic authority can scan the QR code and validate the status of a motor certificate in real-time.

License Plate-Based OCR Validation

Using mobile app, the traffic authority can take picture of the license number plate and validate the status of a motor certificate in real-time.

Maximize your automobile insurance journeys with a cutting-edge digital motor certificate platform.

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