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Harness the Insurance Cloud Ecosystem

Beyontecloud is a collaborative, shrink-wrapped, cloud technology model that shifts the value pools in the insurance industry and redefines the nature of doing business in the digital economy. It caters to the existing and emerging requirements of all constituents in the insurance industry with ready-to-use shrink-wrapped solutions, and ready-made collaborative platforms to bridge the technology gaps and accelerate to digital.

Beyontecloud CCAP

Beyontecloud Ecosystem Features

Beyontecloud presents an exhaustive set of multi-tenant, shrink-wrapped digital solutions ranging from core administrative solution, specific accelerator tools, and end-to-end platforms for a company, region or industry to achieve operational excellence without having to compromise on business priorities.

The fully integrated Beyontecloud ready-to-deploy collaborative model brings together a portfolio of shrink-wrapped digital solutions that meet the needs of insurers, reinsurers, TPAs, MGAs, brokers, agents, associations and many other constituents in the insurance industry. These solutions are served through a holistic, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, to fulfill the individual company needs as well as to accommodate the industry requirements.


Technology edge

Unlock the economies of scale, skill and, scope by adopting the Beyontecloud ecosystem. Implement fully-ready solutions within the company and integrated with the larger insurance community for superior digital interaction and business efficiency.

Competitive advantage

Get the independence and flexibility to adjust your business according to the changing industry dynamics while having greater control for growing your business.

Business in real-time

By embracing the Beyontecloud, the participating industry constituents can execute risks, exchange documents, meet reporting needs, and communicate with other entities online – all in real-time.

End-to-End Multi-tenant Solution

Conceptualisation, development and implementation of new products are accomplished fast as all the components and capabilities required by the industry players are pre-configured in Beyontecloud’s shrink-wrapped solutions.

Innovate Constantly

Adapt and innovate constantly by targeting the most valuable parts of the insurance value chain. Adopt the Beyontecloud ecosystem to upgrade business efficiency and profitability.

Improve Existing Competencies

Identify the gaps that need to be addressed and leverage the strengths of the ecosystem to offset the existing system inadequacies.

Leverage Data Intelligence

Move from being a risk aggregator to a risk preventor with real-time data and smart business analytics. By integrating data sets with other ecosystem partners, insurers and other insurance entities can enhance analytics and achieve better insights.

Industry Collaboration

The Beyontecloud ecosystem acts as the gateway for conducting frictionless business. It provides the freedom for insurers and other entities to seamlessly leverage each other’s services, with the agility to switch over – whenever applicable.

Change Made Simple

Business rules modifications can be easily carried out by the business users without the need of external developers, thanks to the low-code configuration of Beyontecloud solutions.


Beyontecloud ecosystem is governed by the highest levels of security standards to protect data and exchange. Insurers and other participants of each ecosystem are free from worrying about data fraud and compliance failures.

Orchestrated vision

Beyontecloud fulfils the industry objectives by bringing all the entities in the insurance industry together, to do business with a shared vision and a clear plan for the desired outcomes.

Incremental adoption

To aid industry players move up the value chain in stages, Beyontecloud allows them to migrate or upgrade to the new environment in an incremental fashion based on their priorities. Furthermore, it enables easy integration of legacy systems to the cloud.

Beyontec delivers the best cloud solutions to fit your business needs.