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Orchestrating Digital Transformation in Insurance

Since our inception, Beyontec has been solely focused on the insurance industry, driving innovation and transformational changes across the US, Middle-East, europe, and Asia. We collaborate with global insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation journeys while offering end-to-end, easily-configurable solutions that drive efficiency and make them independent.

Types of Insurance Businesses We Support

End-to-End Digital Solutions

With more than a decade of global industry experience, Beyontec enables insurers to transform their legacy systems into future-ready growth enablers by offering the core solution – Beyontec Suite, the accelerator tools, the industry platform solutions and the cloud solutions. We offer a comprehensive set of digital solutions that facilitate online, real-time, and fully integrated business experiences.

Client Speak

To remain successful, we need to evolve rapidly as the market transforms and that is where we see value in the Beyontec relationship.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad

Implementing Beyontec Suite with its fully integrated modules across underwriting, claims, billing, re-insurance, accounting, and queries will enable gig-Kuwait to elevate its operations to become truly digital while enhancing overall customer experience.

Mr. Tareq Al-Sahhaf

With the efficient integration of new process and technology, we are able to better respond to our customers and introduce new products faster. Beyontec delivered a world-class solution that made all the difference between us and our competition in Kenya.

Mr. Sundeep Raichura
Group CEO / Zamara

The partnership with Beyontec complements our capabilities and service quality, and together we are confident of resolving the industry-wide claims recovery challenges.

Mr. Ayman Al-Ajmi
Chief Executive Officer / Braxtone

With the implementation of Beyontec Suite, we are confident of improving our operational agility and augment our ability to offer policy issuance, administration, and claims processing services for expat individuals and organizations as they go international.

Mr. Tarun Chopra

We believe that Beyontec is the right partner to help us navigate past challenges like data management, increase in the number of insurance-related non-compliance, and legacy IT system modernisation while empowering us to invest in a workforce of the future.

Mr. Gaudens Kanamugire
President / ASSAR

Case Study

Dubai Insurance adopts digitalization of operations with Beyontec Suite

Dubai Insurance Company (DIC) wanted to capitalise on the changes in the insurance industry and was quick to adopt digital technology solutions from Beyontec to harness the power of automation and to modernise its back-office systems. Beyontec Suite the core insurance solution was embed into DIC’s operations to become more efficient, while enhancing overall customer experience. DIC also implemented Beyontec Suite Motor Module (Underwriting & Claims) and the Motor Fleet portal in its motor insurance business to serve its customers better.

Zamara, a leading insurer in europe adopts Beyontec Suite to automate and streamline business workflows

Zamara was running its business as standalone silos which created collection issues and difficulty in tracking ageing payments, leading to revenue loss or poor revenue forecasting. This impacted overall business efficiency, customer retention and the renewals business. By adopting Beyontec Suite Zamara was able to efficiently integrate process and technology, and respond to our customers better while introducing new products faster.


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