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Beyontecloud: Not Just Another Cloud Software for Insurance

With core insurance systems gradually depending and migrating to the cloud model, it is imperative that you find the right partner to guide you through this transformation. For long-term success, insurers must align with a provider that puts business-first, and offers end-to-end cloud solutions supported by tools and accelerators that let businesses focus on building new, creative products along with strong strategies,aiding in faster go-to-market scenarios.

With Beyontecloud’s cloud solution for the insurance industry, you’ll get more than just a verified software via the cloud. While delivering an advanced end-to-end solution, Beyontecloud uses the best of multi-tenant cloud architecture and resources, crafted to the providers’ convenience without having to compromise on their business priorities.

Beyontecloud Products


General Insurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the General Insurance companies.


Life Insurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Life Insurance companies.


Life Insurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Takaful Insurance companies.


Medical Insurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Medical Insurance companies.


Composite Insurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Composite Insurance companies.


Bancassurance bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Bancassurance companies.


Third-party Administration bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the TPA companies.


Insurance Broking bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Insurance Broking companies.


Insurance Start-ups bCloud

Shrink-wrapped core administrative solution for the Insurance start-ups.

Product Highlights

Insurance companies, brokers, agents, and customers need real-time, agile, accurate data available anytime and anywhere. Insurers need a platform that meets their business needs while aiding global operations and faster customer response through multi-branding and multi-currency, all of which are the keys to business success and for securing a competitive edge.

End-to-End multi-tenant Solution

Conceptualisation, development and implementation are accomplished fast as all the components and capabilities required by the Insurers are already configured and embedded into the cloud platform.

Change Made Simple

Business rules modifications can be easily carried out independently, thanks to the low-code configuration of Beyontecloud. Providers can keep pace with market opportunities while making changes to the business rules.

Increase Accountability

Critical operational reports and incident tickets are periodically reviewed by Beyontecloud’s dedicated service team and collaborated with you on scheduled updates.

Protection and Privacy

The multi-tenant architecture coupled with dedicated VPN access to all our clients, the Beyontecloud is designed particularly for business protection and confidentiality. Insurance companies can stay protected with enterprise-grade security controls and by monitoring the network for continuous threats.

Easy Integrations

Beyontecloud can be appropriated anywhere and contains optional add-ons that can be easily integrated. We also offer pre-built connections to third-party data services through MVR lookups, geo-location, e-signatures, pre-filled data, analytics, and more.

Simplify test automation

The reliability and robustness of the Beyontecloud platform has been tested fully by running numerous automated test scripts. While introducing new products, Insurers can carry out rapid validations to expedite the delivery of a new product, right from development to production.

Faster software upgrades

Performance enhancements are key for continuous and seamless software availability. Beyontecloud applies the latest upgrades with in-built licenses that automatically deploy enhancements without the need for any manual intervention.

End-to-end support

Beyontecloud, delivers quality-centric and scalable cloud software, engineered in acquiescence with industry standards. It is further fortified by secure, and integrated infrastructure that helps insurance companies continuously access available and efficient end-to-end insurance processes.

High performance

Leapfrog your digital transformation by adopting Beyontecloud that seamlessly connect with the existing legacy systems, without having to replace them. The pre-configured solution allows you to customise insurance products with the newest generation of digital tools.

Lower TCO

Transition from legacy systems that spill over the budget. Welcome, Beyontecloud, the latest technology-driven cloud insurance software solutions that is always up-to-date and helps you pursue every opportunity that would otherwise be impossible due to technological limitations.

Beyontec delivers the best cloud solutions to fit your business needs.